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Leonie Blackwell

Leonie Blackwell lives in a small country town that she loves, striving to live a life that is of her making, while at the same time not the one she dreamed of as a small child. Leonie was a successful secondary school teacher and student counsellor and loved facilitating young people to find their voice, have confidence in themselves, and work towards becoming the best they could be. She created emotionally intelligent classrooms, not from someone’s theory but because it felt right.

A health crisis introduced natural therapies to Leonie’s world. Her passion for people and unwillingness to compromise her integrity led her away from formal teaching and into welfare and youth work, then on to becoming a Naturopath as she realised it provided her with all her passions and loves in one place.

Leonie created her business, The Essence of Healing, in 1994 but used flower essences previously in a school setting and a youth refuge. She began teaching the Holistic Flower Essence Therapy course in 1995, the Emotional Freedom Technique course in 2007 and her Empowered Realism Mentor course in 2017. The launch into online learning saw the birth of the Essence of Healing Institute in 2018.

She is the author of Making Sense of the Insensible and The Box of Inner Secrets. She also wrote the chapter ‘Magnetic Joy’ in the Joe Vitale book ‘The Prosperity Factor’ and has copious personal growth webinars and programs.Leonie has many strings to her bow and has achieved numerous firsts in her career. The Essence of Healing was a finalist in the Gippsland Business Awards in 2012. But she’s also a team player. In 2015 Leonie travelled to Jordan as a member of a pilot project training and mentoring NGO and UNAWRA workers. This inspirational program assisted refugees in eliminating their symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

She ran her Inner Secrets Healing Retreats in Ladakh, the heart of the Himalaya’s bi-yearly until the global pandemic that shutdown international travel. As things open up Leonie will explore online and Australia-wide retreats until she can return to holding them overseas.

Leonie Blackwell

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I first started studying with Leonie in 2010. It took me a decade to complete the course because I stopped and started with children arriving and all those unexpected life events along the way. Leonie was incredibly supportive, understanding, and helpful. Flower essence therapy is an intimate journey of one's self for how can we counsel another unless we understand how flowers essences operate and have the power to bring about spiritually aligned moments, triggers, and completions.

I would like to congratulate Leonie on how she delivers her certifications. Leonie is succinct and sharp and most certainly will prompt you along the way and that is a blessing in a world that sometimes can be not so succinct. I have no doubt that Leonie's teaching style will enrich one's life and be most helpful to any career aspirations regardless of disciple.

Lisa Gibson, Queensland, Australia