Moon Cycle Journaling


A course of self-mastery.

One of the common purposes of life is to understand our true nature. To be human is to embrace our authentic self. Yet growing up provides challenges as we seek to have our needs met, we make our sense of self pliable. We suppress our essential self at best and more often, turn or true natures into a flaw. How then do we understand who we are if we have adapted, merged, and dissipated ourselves to meet our needs to be loved, belong, and be worthy?


Moon Cycle Journaling provides you with an opportunity to…

  • Recognise patterns
  • Become conscious of your emotional responses to triggers
  • Make choices to manage triggers differently
  • Feel more in control of your life
  • Become more grounded and centred
  • Live your life how you want
  • Become the captain of your own ship
  • Stop feeling like a victim to fate or invisible forces
  • Make the unknown known to you
  • Stop beating yourself up for ‘forgetting’ things that are actually part of a cycle
  • Learn to recognise the energy shifts influencing your daily life
  • Learn how to work with your conscious and unconscious needs to help you understand your interpretations of events


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