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Are you sick and tired of reading self-help books that say the same thing? Or worse they tell you it is possible to fix all your problems in three easy steps?

Making Sense of the Insensible is unapologetically deep and meaningful. It explores where your patterns have started. You will find yourself within its pages. It’s not like most books where you have to read from page one until the end. You can read each Chapter in any order you like. It’s your journey; your exploration of your life patterns and you decide how you journey through the book.

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I highly recommend “Making Sense of the Insensible” to all loving parents who wish to guide and nurture their children through the minefield of parenting in today’s modern age of dysfunctional living. These parents will be armed with information and knowledge that would result in children being prepared emotionally and consciously, to become balanced adults able to take on the challenges of leading and changing the planet onto its next cycle of sustainable and harmonious living.
The strong message Leonie expresses is that injustice isn’t avoidable but is the lesson that can be faced honestly and realistically. It is the realism that empowers, allowing us to all know that we don’t have to internalize and personalize the injustice simply learn and grow beyond it. Injustice does not make us who we are but provides an opportunity for us to shine who we innately are.

Christine Gladwell
Author, Mother, Grandmother
I have come across many healers, books, and holistic modalities but the content of this book is by far, the information people have been waiting for. It heals and empowers on all levels of your psyche. Leonie’s work in this book, is not only tried and tested through her injustice webinars, but backed by years of experience – both personally and professionally.
The book explains the 10 injustices we face throughout our entire life. The unfair events and repeated patterns that we just can’t seem to shift, mainly because we don’t know where they have come from and therefore, cannot make sense of. Not only are you provided with the insight on how to identify these themes, but Leonie gives you the tools and guidance to worth through them. You are not left to your own vices. The title says it all and the content will blow you away!

Sylvia Dardha
Healer, Artist, Mother

To find out more about Making Sense of the Insensible listen to this interview with Leonie conducted by Kate Delany. Click on the title below…

Kate Delaney Interviews Leonie Blackwell About Making Sense of the Insensible

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Leonie not only reads each chapter but talks about the content helping you find meaning and understanding in each pattern. She brings the book to life as she shares her passion for the depth within the book. This provides you with increased value as Leonie helps paint a picture of each injustice. Often you can get triggered by the words you read and the commentary helps explain your responses to support you further in working through your life experiences. This isn’t just an audiobook it’s a commentary on the book. Have the author be with you as you contemplate your life story.

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It’s not a read-from-front-to-back book; you simply begin where you need to because each chapter is self-contained. It is a process – your life adventure. This is a book where you highlight, circle, annotate, and scribble in the margins. There is way more to each chapter and the book as a whole. Overall I found it to be an easy-to-read, discovery-type, “self-help-ish” book filled with lessons for wherever you are in life.

Petula Lloyd
This book is filled with realistic information and guidance for the soul. It is a thoroughly enjoyable self-help book but more importantly, it is a fantastic read for any parent or teenager trying to understand the many life injustices and lessons learned while we travel life’s journey.

Dragon Rider
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